The Importance of Corporate Governance

The Importance of Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance principles are the foundation upon which the trust of investors is built. These principles are critical to growing the reputation that we have established over decades as a company dedicated to excellence in both performance and integrity.

This trust and respect are fostered by both the Assurant Board of Directors and management team who work together under the guidance of our Corporate Governance Guidelines. These guidelines, as adopted by the Board of Directors, present the framework of responsibility for directors in accordance with the guidelines as set forth by the New York Stock Exchange.

Our commitment to the highest business standards and effective governance is essential to achieving respect from key Assurant stakeholders, as well as Assurant communities, government officials and the general public. Together, the Board members ensure that Assurant remains a company of uncompromised integrity and performance.

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Keith Demmings
President & Chief Executive Officer

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Elaine Rosen

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Sean Moshier

Vice President, Investor Relations

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Director, Investor Relations

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