Political Expenditures Policy

Political Expenditures Policy

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Assurant, Inc. Policy Regarding Political Expenditures

Assurant conducts political activities in full compliance with applicable law.

Assurant will not make direct independent expenditures.*

It is Assurant's policy not to donate funds to third parties (such as trade associations or so-called Section 527 organizations) where the third party specifically solicited the donation to be used for making independent expenditures.

Like most large organizations, Assurant belongs to trade organizations whose principal mission is to promote a business agenda. When providing financial support to a trade organization, Assurant will request, and seek confirmation, that it is not to be used for making independent expenditures.

Assurant does have a federal political action committee (PAC), created and administered under applicable federal law; contributions to the PAC are voluntary and come solely from Assurant employees.

* "Independent expenditures" are expenditures that are (1) made for communications that expressly advocate, or support or oppose, the election or defeat of a candidate or political party and (2) not coordinated with a candidate, candidate's campaign or a political party. See Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 50 (2010).

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