Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Dear Colleagues,

There are many reasons to be proud to work at Assurant. One big reason is our strong reputation as an ethical, fair and honest company. Assurant’s reputation reflects a promise to our customers, shareholders and to one another. Every day it is our responsibility to uphold our promise. We always must act with honesty, integrity and uphold the highest legal and ethical standards. This unflinching commitment to ethics and integrity is so critical to our success that I have embedded this commitment in the charter for Assurant’s leadership team.

Our Assurant Code of Ethics helps to guide our actions and reinforces Assurant’s commitment to integrity and ethical business conduct. Our Code of Ethics is especially important as we uphold our purpose to help people protect what matters most to them. The trust and confidence consumers place in us is invaluable. In everything we do, we always should remember that people count on us.

Together, our actions each day ensure Assurant will continue to stand out among our peers -- as a company dedicated to excellence in both performance and integrity. Yes, our reputation reflects all of us and starts with you!


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Alan B. Colberg
President and Chief Executive Officer

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